Inclination and Angle

Find the right inclination and angle sensors for your application at AE Sensors. Can’t find a specific solution? At AE Sensors we custom-make all kinds of sensors & systems. Get in touch today.

Choose a category inclination and angle sensors:

1. Inclinometers

2. Potentiometers Angle Measurement

3. Contactless Angle Measurement

4. Wireless inclinometers & Motion sensors

5. Inertial sensoren (GNSS. INS, AHRS, IMU, VR, OEM)

6. Tilt-switch adjustable

7. Anglesensor Industrial AWS

8. Positilt

9. Rotating Magnetic Tape Endocer

10. Inductive Angular Position Sensors

What do we offer?

Ranges from +/- 6 minutes up to 360 degrees. IP67 versions with adjustable analog or digital outputs for ship movements ect. Tiltswitches for safety devices, Wire wound- and Conductive plastic Potentiometers, Magnetic scale tape.

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