Level measurement

Find the right level measurement sensors for your application at AE Sensors. Can’t find a specific solution? At AE Sensors we custom-make all kinds of sensors & systems. Get in touch today.

Choose a category level measurement sensors:

1. Level-sensors (Pressure)

2. Levelswitches

3. Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors

4. Ultrasonic Liquid Level and Radar Sensors

What do we offer?

Ranges from 0 – 5 cm/WC up to 2000 m/WC, Fully submersible or Tank mounting, Stainless Steel, Titanium or PVDF with PTFE membrane, Cables from PE, PUR or PTFE. Offshore versions with underwater connector. Level switches for low-cost applications and even Explosionproof.

Want to know more about Level measurement at AE Sensors?

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