Length and positioning

Find the right length and positioning sensors for your application at AE Sensors. Can’t find a specific solution? At AE Sensors we custom-make all kinds of sensors & systems. Get in touch today.

Choose a category length and position sensors:

1. Wire-, Tapesensors & Non-Contact Lenght Measurement

2. Linear Potentiometers & Contactless Length Measurement

3. DVRT (smallest in the world)


5. Laser Triangulation

6. Laser & Scanners

7. Eddy-current

8. Magnetic Tape

9. Ultrasonic

10. Non-Contact linear position sensors

11. Rekbare Positiesensoren

What do we offer?

Ranges from 1 nanometer up to 40 meter. Plastic housing till Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Housing and waterproof.DVRT’s in RVS miniatuurversies vanaf 0 – 1,5mm resoluties 0,060 micron en frequentiebereik tot 7 KHz. Waterproof and robust. 

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