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We offer a wide range of sensors and related products. View the list of all our product groups as well as a number of application areas in which many of our recorders are used.

If the sensor or application you are looking for is not listed, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us so that we can still find and / or offer a sensor or solution for you. We are able to tailor various sensors and systems for you.

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Pressure sensors

Pressure measurement is one of the most important tasks in almost all industrial sectors. We offer various pressure sensors for measuring and monitoring absolute and relative pressures.

Length and Position

The Length and position meters from our range are very robust and some are also waterproof. Every length meter is accurate, reliable and affordable. The meters are available in all price ranges.


Vibration and acceleration

The vibration meter is an indispensable tool for your company. Our vibration meters and accelerometers took demanding measurements in every area of the industry, regardless of the technical problem that they face.

Level sensors

Electronic level sensors are used for the detection of filling levels in fluid-technical installations. AE Sensors offers sensors for continuous level measurement. Level sensors are available in many versions. We can make almost anything.

Inclination and angle

Get every corner or slope under control with our effective inclination and angle meters. An accurate measurement of the angle of inclination or inclination relative to the horizon is very important for many setups, machines and motion control systems.

Force and moment

The so-called force (and moment) sensors find their application in robotics. The range of sensors is extensive, a customized solution is also available for your request. Now also possible with (portable) readouts and measuring amplifiers.


AE Sensors is the leading producer of flow sensor solutions for measuring gas and liquid flows. Current sensors are used all over the world in all kinds of applications. Measures linear, non-linear, mass or volumetric data from a liquid or gas.

Gas sensoren

AE Sensors supplies and produces sensors & systems for measuring and detecting gas. Measurement and detection of flammable and toxic gases, oxygen, VOCs and more! Find the best gas sensor for your industrial network.

Displays and controllers

For (combined) display and controllers, go to AE Sensors. We have, among other things, PID controllers and batch controllers. But you are also in the right place for Signal amplifiers and Hand Held Displays.


A temperature sensor is a device or machine component in which the physical quantity of temperature is converted into data. Wide choice from all kinds of temperature sensors and thermostats.

Data acquisition

Data loggers record sensor data over longer periods and are used for monitoring, testing and recording data. The data loggers from AE Sensors come in all shapes and types. AE Sensors also offers many possibilities for fast data acquisition.

Something else

Is your desired sensor and system solution not listed here? AE Sensors has the expertise and knowledge to produce your customized solution. Let us know your request through the website today.

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